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Victorian Rowhouse Makeover Part 4: Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover Part 4: Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Hemme Custom Co-founder and Creative Director Mandy Milks has been perpetually renovating and decorating her Toronto rowhouse for the last ten years. Along with her husband, she gutted the century-old home giving it a family-friendly update with historic appeal. Part 4 of this series focuses on the dining areas:

Mandy's dining room is located in the center of the home and is, therefore, the darkest room in the house. She embraced the moodiness by painting out the room in a soft greenish-blue-grey and layered in lighting to brighten it up.


The mix of vintage pieces gives the room character while also being durable and fuss-free for her young family. A simple jute rug from IKEA adds coziness and is budget-friendly. 

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Outdoor Patio

In the warmer months, the family dines outside as much as possible. Although the space is the size of a parking pad, it has been transformed into an outdoor living area. A large wooden dining table seats eight comfortably and a wall of juniper trees adds much-needed greenery.

The herringbone brick adds a touch of English garden while the fencing creates privacy for a city backyard.

A black & white outdoor rug was added to provide a soft space for kids to play and it also hides the concrete drain basin near the back entrance.

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Outdoor Details

A mix of pillows helps bring the inside out — creating an extension of the indoor living space. The outdoor love seat anchors a seating area along with a vintage outdoor lounger. 

Watch the full tour of Mandy's Rowhouse on House & Home TV: 


Styling: Stacey Smithers
Video: House & Home Media
Design, Decorating & Photography: Mandy Milks