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Custom Pillow Scheme Design Service (E-Design)


One of the most impactful, and quick ways to pull a room together is with pillows! But which pillow works with what? And how many do you need on a sofa or a bed? How do you dress that grey sectional? If you ever had those thoughts, this e-design service is for you! We will help you create pillows completely unique to your space (you won't find them in any store!) using designer fabrics often only available through decorators and designers. The best part? You will receive 10% off your custom pillow order when you order from Hemme. 

Here is how it works:

1. The consult: After you purchase the service, we will send you an email asking about your style preferences, budget and we will ask you to send us pics of your room. Let us know what you are looking for and shoot us any design questions you may have.

2. The plan: Within 7 business days, we will email you digital files showing 3 pillow scheme options for your room. After you review and choose a scheme, we can do a round of edits to make sure we get exactly what you want.

3. Execute! When you are ready, we can price out the pillows and have them made within 10-14 days. Or, you can save your plan for when you are ready, totally up to you!

Quick Disclaimer: This is a design service and does not include the cost of making the pillows. This is a flat-rate service and will cover your pillow needs for 1 room. If you have multiple rooms, let us know by sending us an email and we can advise on the best service for you.