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Project Northfield: Breezy Bungalow

Project Northfield: Breezy Bungalow

It was such a joy to work on this project, not only because our client's home is gorgeous but because she was our first drapery client! We made her off-white double pinch drapery panels (quickly becoming a Hemme signature style) for her living and dining room. She paired them with rattan shades creating a stunning combination. That's how you dress a window! 

White and beige living room with off-white double pinch drapery panels. White arm chairs in centre and long wooden coffee table

She carried the look over to her dining room, giving the open floor plan a cohesive look.

Round wood table with white chair with with off-white double pinch drapery panels in background

With all the light and breezy elements, the simple black hardware frames the windows and adds some dimension. Well done!

Off-white double pinch drapery panels detail

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