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    Childs playroom with striped light green floor length Hemme curtains.  Large pine bookshelf and scenic light green and white wallpaper with forest scene.


    Drapery provides the finishing touch to a well-designed room. Besides looking beautiful, quality drapes will filter light, provide privacy, and block sunlight when you need some shuteye. They can even create an energy-reducing layer of insulation – necessary in our Canadian winters. Talk about a perfect marriage of beauty and function!

    We craft made-to-measure drapery perfectly tailored to your space. When you order from Hemme, our window treatment experts will get all the measurements and fullness calculated properly, ensuring a gorgeous finish. Our drapes are finished by hand and we use custom techniques to ensure perfect draping.

    Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we got you! Fill out the form below and we can take it from there. Need a bit of guidance? Have a peek at our helpful Top Style Guide.


    Window Measurements

    Please provide the following window measurements (in inches) below. If you have a bay or corner window, add the multiple window measurements in the additional notes field below. See our Measuring Guide for more information, if you would like a professional check measure please contact us.

    Drapery Style

    2 panels
    2 stationary panels (decorative only)
    1 single panel
    1 single stationary panel (decorative only)
    Multiple panels for bay or corner window
    Double panels (drapes in front & sheers in back)
    Other (please specify in the additional notes field below)
    Double Pinch Pleat
    Triple Pinch Pleat
    Double Top Pinch Pleat
    Triple Top Pinch Pleat
    Inverted Pleat
    Flat Panel
    I’m not sure, recommend for me
    Other (please specify in the additional notes field below)
    I need help sourcing fabric (describe preferences in the Fabric Notes below)
    I know the fabric (include link in Fabric Notes below)
    I have the fabric (describe in Fabric Notes below)

    Please include a link to your fabric if possible. If not, please describe your existing or preferred fabric (the width, pattern repeat, material, weight and texture).

    Standard White Muslin Lining
    Dim Out Lining (blocks approx. 50% light)
    Blackout Lining
    I do not need any lining
    I already have hardware installed
    I need help sourcing hardware

    Let us know what type of hardware you have, or what you are looking for (colour, style, note any specialty hardware like traverse track or ceiling mount).

    Any other details about the window or custom features that you would like to add.