About Us

Hemme is a modern, custom sewing and interior decorating studio. From drapery to bench seats — all of our handcrafted items are made-to-measure locally in Toronto, Canada. We expertly manage every detail of your project, from inspiration to installation. 

Hemme was founded by Jessica Jones and Mandy Milks (we know – super hero names!). Gabrielle Demers is the Studio Manager and Customer Support lead (a super hero in her own right). We are supported by an amazing team of fabricators who make all the beautiful things come to life. 

Jessica Jones

Jess is the Co-Founder and Sales Director. Growing up, Jess worked in the interior design and window coverings industry, working in her family business. From mixing paint to installing complex commerical window coverings, Jess has done it all. She took a ‘quick break’ from design to do a Masters in Marine Biology (no biggie). Her focus at Hemme has been customer experience, sales and operations.


  1. Can be found wearing a matching sweatsuit with her babies, she is the proud mom of two boys!
  2. If there was a “Create the Ultimate Spreadsheet” reality show, she would win it all, and then be crowned victorious in the All-Stars spin-off.
  3. She is a self-proclaimed doughnut snob and has been known to drive 2+ hours to rate Ontario’s sweet offerings.
  4. As a kid, her goal in life was to become a mermaid (hence the marine biology degree – so if you have a question about fish, we can help you out)
  5. She absolutely did not marry her husband Spencer because of his family beach house in Barbados.

Gabrielle Demers

Gabrielle is the Studio Manager at Hemme and your go-to person for all your orders. Gabrielle has an Interior Decorating diploma from Georgian College and has been working in the industry since. If ever there was a drapery math whiz, Gabrielle is it. She is our in-house expert on all things custom and manages the daily activities in the studio. She works as a lead designer on many projects and helps clients with consults on their space. She is currently decorating her cozy condo.


  1. She loves singing (might even hear her singing when attending a concert, that she bought a solo ticket for).
  2. She really loves animals — “don’t tell everyone I love horses, I’m a 28 year old woman”.
  3. She had custom PJs designed for herself.
  4. She loves to take her friends dogs for walks in her midtown neighbourhood and scoping out new finds at vintage shops.
  5. She plans the most thoughtful birthday surprises and always has fresh cut flowers and candles in her space.

Mandy Milks

Mandy is the Co-Founder and Creative Director. She comes from a design and marketing background, previously working as the Art Director for House & Home Media. She has a Bachelor of Design from OCADU and her design training is now specialized on interiors. She renovated her first house top to bottom and hasn’t looked back. Mandy has worked with many clients working on full home projects, styling for magazines and on decorating consultations.


  1. Along with her husband, two daughters and two cats, Mandy recently moved into a classic Toronto 4-square Edwardian-esque brick house.
  2. She can bake bread and spin fibres into yarn. She would fit into a pioneer village seamlessly.
  3. She met her husband at design school and he proposed in Central Park with an onion ring. She really loves onion rings.
  4. You can find her at 6am lifting weights and hitting those pull-ups. A regular gym bro.
  5. She has loved fabric since her grandmother taught her to sew during crafting weekends at her house.