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    Hemme Team photo of  Founders Jessica Jones, Mandy Milks and designer Gabrielle Demers.

    About Us

    Hemme is not your typical workroom! We are a modern, design-minded custom sewing and interior decorating studio. From drapery to bench seats — all of our handcrafted items are made-to-measure locally in Toronto, Canada. We expertly manage every detail of your project, from inspiration to installation. 

    We also offer design and decorating services ranging from a full room design to quick in-home consultations. Not sure what fits your design needs? Send us an email and we can advise.

    Hemme was founded by Jessica Jones and Mandy Milks and we work alongside designer Gabrielle Demers. Aka: The Ladies of Hemme! We are also supported by an amazing team of fabricators who make all the beautiful things come to life.