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    About Us

    As the case with many of you, the pandemic hit and everything changed. Facing a new world and a new set of circumstances (two kids at home for Mandy and one on the way for Jess), we wanted to create something flexible and — more importantly — something that inspired us and allowed us to do what we love. We teamed up and combined our expertise in custom window coverings, interior design and business.

    Our focus is on exceptional service and beautiful handcraft, and all of our drapery and custom items are made-to-measure locally here in Toronto. Think of us as your agents in the field doing all the leg work and delivering the goods! Whether you are a newbie condo dweller or seasoned interior designer — our goal is to provide you with a positive experience and a gorgeous product.

    Here is a little more about Jess and Mandy:

    Favourite colour:

    Mandy: A very dark, grey-ed out olive green — less kelly, more forest (can you tell by the branding?) I painted my kitchen cabinets that colour, so I am committed. 

    Jess: Blues, soft pinks, greens, blacks, whites. Simply. cannot. choose. 

    Favourite part about working for Hemme:

    Jess: I love learning every day and being part of a team that is so incredibly supportive of each other. I feel lucky to be a woman surrounded by fiercely dedicated and talented people. 

    Mandy: Working with a partner that has strengths where I don't, and lets me shine where I do. It's truly a blend of superpowers that makes for a great partnership. I also love that we created a place that supports working mothers!

    Favourite part about living in Toronto:

    Mandy: The mix of homes in the west end neighbourhoods. My idea of cardio is walking my favourite streets and peeking in windows, imagining what I would do to the space if I lived there. A touch creepy, but maybe all those people just need to get Hemme drapes already!

    Jess: It's the food scene for me. You really have to try hard to get a bad meal! Going on long walks/bike rides by the lakeshore or downtown to find a cool perfect weekend afternoon spent with family and friends. 

    What surprised you most about 2020 (besides the obvious)?:

    Jess: Our ability to adapt and overcome. We've all been challenged in more ways than anyone ever thought possible. Top that all off with being pregnant with your first child...

    Mandy: That I am capable of more than I thought was possible for myself. And that I am really good at making pillows!