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Warranty & Returns

The Hemme Guarantee

We plan on every project to run smoothly, but sometimes there is a hiccup and we want to be prepared for any scenario! So here is the 411 on our warranty and repairs.

All our custom products are guaranteed for 120 days. It’s important to inspect your product upon arrival, any flaw that might occur would be apparent early on. Custom items are non-refundable due to the made-to-measure nature of the product. If your item has a defect or manufacturing flaw, we will repair the item, if it cannot be repaired we will replace the item. If the flaw is minor in nature, we will offer you an appropriate discount on the item as an option to consider. Note: normal wear and tear is not considered a defect or a flaw. Shipping or delivering items back for repair or replacement is the responsibility of the client. We will work with you to coordinate the best transportation method.

Client Errors
We hope through our consultation phase this never happens but if the defect in the product is due to a client error, we will work with you to correct it at a minimal cost. However, we cannot correct the item at no charge. Sometimes these things happen, we will try to make it less painful!

Want to make a change after it goes into production (we’ve all been there). We will let you know what is possible but if the project is too far into production, we will decide together if we should proceed or start a new estimate for the alteration or new product.

We love the fabric you bring us! We will inspect it thoroughly before starting a project but we can’t be held responsible for defects, shrinkage or performance issues. If you drop off fabric but decide not to proceed, we ask that you pick up your fabric as soon as possible. After 90 days, it may be donated, recycled or used for other purposes.

Measure twice. Cut once. Maybe measure once more time just in case! It is the responsibility of the client to provide accurate measurements. If you don’t want that weight on your shoulders, we will connect you to our partner Elegant Installations to do a professional check measure — we can’t encourage you strongly enough to go this route. Think of it as insurance. Sometimes a Hemme designer will come on-site to do a consultation and will take quick measurements but we always ask the client to sign-off on all final measurements before proceeding.

Care & Maintenance
Washing machines are great for clothing, not so much for custom drapery! We recommend consulting with a dry cleaner who specializes in drapery and upholstery. We can’t be held responsible for any dry cleaning errors as they are out of our control and oversight. Window treatments do not require a lot of maintenance and often a drapery vacuum attachment or a quick steam will do the trick. Did your kid draw on your new drapes with marker? Send us an email and we will try to help you out (or at least provide a shoulder to cry on).

Hardware, Third-party Products and Sub-Contractors
We source from reputable suppliers, if there is a defect with their product or service, we will connect with the supplier to try and sort out the issue but will be limited to their specific warranty and terms. We also work with amazing installers and trades. If there is an issue with their service, we will connect you directly to seek assistance.