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Roman Shade Style Guide

Please Note: New Corded Shade Regulations are being implemented in Canada May 2022. This will affect pricing and limits the operation styles available. Read more here.

Let's talk Inside Mount vs Outside Mount.

An inside mount Roman shade sits inside the frame. The look is clean and streamlined and doesn't protrude past the wall. 

An outside mount Roman shade sits outside the window on the outside frame or above it. An outside mount can make your window appear larger. If you are working with multiple windows in a room, you can use the outside mount to make all the windows look even in dimension or uniform in height. It is also ideal if you are working with metal frames that you do not want to drill into.

Operation Styles

Canada has recently passed new cord safety regulations which limit the allowable amount of exposed cord to be used in shade products. Essentially, custom shades made after May 2022 need to be cordless or have exposed cords less than 8" in length. We will no longer offer the chain loop system (even with the child safety mechanisms installed) which will not be approved under the new regulations.

Hemme is currently working on getting a cordless system that is good quality, reasonably priced and approved by Health Canada testing. Thank you for your patience while we navigate this change in the industry. If you have any questions please contact us.

Shade Styles

There are a few Roman shade styles to choose from, let's break it down:

A flat Roman is by far the most popular style that we make. When in the closed position, the fabric hangs flat. When pulled open, it stacks neatly with uniform folds.
Style Notes: Classic, contemporary

The slatted Roman is very similar to the flat roman except that we sew in equally spaced bars into the folds. This adds dimension and visual interest across the face of the shade. We recommend this style for solid fabrics that could use the extra detail. It also helps reduce the pinholes of light if you are choosing a blackout Roman.
Style Notes: Tailored, contemporary

The relaxed Roman has volume built into the shade so the folds swag. We recommend this style in bedrooms for a touch of softness and it looks particularly beautiful with light sheer fabrics giving the shade a breezy effect.
Style Notes: Casual, pretty

This style is popular with traditional decorators, it adds full billowing pleats to a Roman when it is in the down position. It is a great option if you want to add softness and that finishing touch to windows that are not able to take drapery.
Style Notes: Traditional, lux

What's a Faux Pleated Tail?
When a flat style Roman is in the closed position the folds flatten revealing a single panel of fabric (which can be great to show off the pattern). Many Romans benefit from having a faux pleated tail (2 faux pleats with a 2.5” tail) which adds a nice finishing detail to the shade when it is in the closed position.