Roman Shades

Roman shades area soft fabric shades that can be raised and lowered. They are sewn in our workroom by skilled fabricators and finished by hand. Roman shades are a designer favourite for window coverings as the fabric choices are endless.

We now offer motorized custom fabric shades!


An inside mount Roman shade sits inside the frame. The look is clean and streamlined and doesn't protrude past the wall. 

An outside mount Roman shade sits outside the window on the outside frame or above it. An outside mount can make your window appear larger. If you are working with multiple windows in a room, you can use the outside mount to make all the windows look even in dimension or uniform in height. It is also ideal if you are working with metal frames that you do not want to drill into.

There are a two main Roman shade styles (for other styles, please reach out), let's break it down:

Flat Styles:
A flat Roman is by far the most popular style that we make. When in the closed position, the fabric hangs flat. When pulled open, it stacks neatly with uniform folds.
Style Notes: Classic, contemporary

Relaxed Style:
The relaxed Roman has volume built into the shade so the folds swag. We recommend this style in bedrooms for a touch of softness and it looks particularly beautiful with light sheer fabrics giving the shade a breezy effect.
Style Notes: Casual, traditional, pretty

shade style

flat roman

relaxed roman

What's a Faux Pleated Tail?
When a flat style Roman is in the closed position the folds flatten revealing a single panel of fabric (which can be great to show off the pattern). Many Romans – especially solids – benefit from having a faux pleated tail (2 faux pleats with a 2.5” tail) which adds a nice finishing detail to the shade when it is in the closed position. 

Faux pleated tail

flat finish

Roller Shades

Roller shades are made up of a flat piece of material that can be rolled up onto itself into a tight roll. It can be easily pulled down to cover the window. Unlike a fabric Roman shade, it is always flat and is made of a stiffer fabric/material/vinyl.

Style Notes: A roller is less traditional and more contemporary in style. They are a very functional shade that can look clean and modern.

Rollers can be paired with faux Roman valances to get the best of both styles! Faux Roman with Roller


A roller shade can be mounted inside or outside mount, similar to a Roman shade. 

roller shade mounting options


Our main operations methods are chainless (zero gravity weighted bar) and motorized. We only supply cordless roller shade options.


Header Options
You can choose from an open roll or a covered valance. The valance can be in a metal or with a matching fabric face. It can be square or curved. We pairing the open roll with the faux Roman valance as shown above.

Roller, open roll vs valance


Fabric Opacity
While there are many fabrics and materials to choose from in a variety of opacity, we recommend the following three general options:
1. Translucent: This is a sheer opacity to allow filtered light through
2. Privacy: This is a semi-opaque sheer that will allow light in as well as provide privacy
3: Opaque: This is a 100% blackout option that is best used in a bedroom to control light at night. 
There are other fabric options that will help mitigate utility costs by blocking thermal energy from the sun, acoustic dampening and eco-friendly materials. Please reach out if you have a specific request or any questions about roller shade options.

Roller shade opacity