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Project Pearson: Progress shots

Project Pearson: Progress shots

It started with the beautiful drapery fabric and went from there! We helped our client choose fabric for pillows, a dining bench and multiple window treatments. We also helped her source paint and wallpaper (we are not your average workroom!). 

Our client has a curved ceiling – which is beautiful but challenging for drapes. We wanted to hang the drapes as high as possible so our installation partner did a pre-install of the hardware and confirmed final measurements on-site. 

We also installed a double traverse rod set with white linen sheers behind. That way our client can have privacy but keep the room light and bright. 

This lovely wood door needed something for privacy, but also something to still allow the light to shine through. Our client had these IKEA lace panels in her closet, so we transformed them into darling vintage-inspired lace cafe curtains. Talk about an IKEA hack! We finished it with minimal matte black cafe rod hardware.

We tackled a bay window in one of the upstairs bedroom. In order to have the panels easily move across the windows (instead of stacked between) we had a custom KS track made to fit the space. 

We can't wait to show you more from this project, including a custom banquette seat with loads of custom pillows.