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Victorian Rowhouse Makeover Part 1: Kitchen & Family Room

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover Part 1: Kitchen & Family Room

Hemme Custom Co-founder and Creative Director Mandy Milks has been perpetually renovating and decorating her Toronto rowhouse for the last ten years. Along with her husband, she gutted the century-old home giving it a family-friendly update with historic appeal. Part 1 of this series focuses on the kitchen and family room:

With the help of designer Mazen El-Abdallah, Mandy created the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary elements in an open concept space.

 Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Kitchen

The kitchen exhaust is hidden in a down-draft appliance that pops up when in use and tucks away for a streamlined look. The backsplash is a handmade ceramic tile with just enough sheen to pop against the matte cabinets.

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Kitchen Details

Open shelving provides grab-and-go storage for dishes, cookbooks and decorative elements. The space was too narrow for an island, so the cabinets on the opposite side have an enclosed counter surface wrapped in Carrera marble for extra impact.

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Kitchen Sink

A sweet cafe curtain adds softness to the window while also providing privacy from the neighbours. Finished with a Hemme tea towel, of course.

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Kitchen Details

The kitchen exudes English charm with Carrara marble and Shaker cabinets, while the marble carries into the living room along with the olive green cabinet tone, which is colour-blocked with a wool sofa for continuity.

Upholstery, drapery, pillows and cafe curtains were all made by Hemme Custom. Yes, we do upholstery, too!

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Family Room

Natural light floods in through the living room, which opens onto a private and cozy backyard lined with a lush wall of Juniper trees. A vintage rug delineates the living room space. 

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Family Room Details

Character and texture is added to the space by mixing in vintage items, collected artwork and decorative elements.

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Family Room Drapes

The linen drapes are on a channel track rod which allows both panels to be hung to one side while the door is in use, or they can be separated on either side for a symmetrical look – options!

Victorian Rowhouse Makeover: Reupholstered Chair

Hemme reupholstered this vintage chair in a unique bird fabric that adds a pattern and conversation to the room.

Watch the full tour of Mandy's Rowhouse on House & Home TV: 


Styling: Stacey Smithers
Kitchen Interior Design: Mazen El-Abdallah
Video: House & Home Media
Design, Decorating & Photography: Mandy Milks